Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Unmounting stamps, and pink flowers

As I continue the clean & purge of my craft room, I went to work on unmounting more stamp sets and store them in CD cases. That went smoothly for a while until I realized that I had no place to store all these unmounted sets. I decided to repurpose a CD holder that we no longer use and put my unmounted stamp sets in it. Viola!

After I unmount each set, I stamp all the images on a separate page in a notebook, number the set and add the corresponding number to the side of the CD case. When I need an image, I just flip through the notebook and pull the CD case. Works for me.

It was nice and warm today and I did a little yard work. I just love playing in my garden. This year the most prominent color seems to be pink - pink geraniums, pink petunias, pink carnations, and yummy strawberries. I need to pick them before the squirrels get to them :) Enjoy the rest of your day!

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cricaholic said...

I'm cricaholic from the MB and I'm following your creativity & organization.....