Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Operation Write Home Deadlines

Hello blogland!    I've been working on a box of cards for Operation Write Home and I thought this would be a good time to remind my bleeps of some deadlines coming up FAST:

Easter - due Feb 15

Bunnies and chicks, as well as religious cards are welcome! Please separate "spring" from "Easter" in your packages, as we want to be certain anything for Easter specifically gets mailed in time.

Mother's Day - due March 31It's not too early to start thinking about Mom and Dad cards! Consider sending in a half dozen of these while sending in your other spring cards, just to get our stash built up for the first Moms Day boxes! Also - if you can separate your cards out so that the ones that say "Happy Mother's Day" are separate from the ones that say "Love you Mom", that helps us be able to get the Mother's Day cards targeted to mail first, and fill in with the general ones!

A few special notes regarding holiday cards:
1. With the reductions in overseas deployments, we need fewer cards. (We still need a lot, but much less than before.) Therefore please take your time, and focus on quality over quantity. We get a lot of cards tossed together as multiples - speed is no longer an issue, so we can take time to play and really get creative now!

2. If you're making a lot of cards for any season, multiples OR just a large number, remember to get your cards in TWO WEEKS BEFORE any posted deadlines; sending a couple hundred cards right at the deadline really makes it nearly impossible to get your cards mixed in the last couple boxes!

3. Make "general" cards that can also be used for a holiday - those are the MOST useful to our heroes. Love cards during Valentines season, spring flowers at Eastertime, snowmen at Christmas. No sentiment gives the card a longer shelf life and makes it more flexible for our heroes' use.

Remember, just because the military is finally out of Iraq doesn't mean that OWH doesn't still need cards!  Please consider making some cards for this wonderful organization!  Go HERE for all the details.

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