Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh so thankful...

Hello blogland -
I'm thankful, are you? In no particular order,
I'm thankful that I'll have my family around me tomorrow. 
I'm thankful my mother is doing all the cooking tomorrow (tried to talk her out of her, but that's what makes her happy)
I'm thankful we'll have a table full of food (and more food, and more food).
I'm thankful the apple pies I just took out of the oven look just like the ones in the cookbook.
I'm thankful I have a roof over my head.  And heat.  And lights. 
I'm thankful my husband still has a job after 39 years.
I'm thankful my children still have 3 grandparents to share their lives with.
I'm thankful they have many years of happy memories of their Pop-Pop.
I'm thankful I have a craft room full of gadgets and gizmos and stamps and paper (oh yeah...)
I'm thankful my daughters are healthy, happy and finding their way in life (and that their orthodonture and college loans are paid off)
I love my husband and he loves me, and I'm thankful for that.
There aren't enough pages to write all that I'm thankful for, but this will have to do for now.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh yeah, I'm thankful I get to watch "March of the Wooden Soldiers" tomorrow!

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