Sunday, November 28, 2010

My little Tough Mudder

Hello blogland!
Last week I told you about my daughter participating in her second Tough Mudder event that raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  It's was a 12+ mile course that involved water, mud, more water, more mud, running through fire, more mud and live electric wires.  This is her before picture when she was pumped up and all set to go:

And this is my little Tough Mudder after 5 hours of walking, running, swimming, climbing, carrying and crawling...and lots of mud!

She was determined to finish, and I'm so proud of her!  And I hope she's learned her lesson about playing in the mud - it's more fun in the spring when it's 70 degrees outside then in the fall when it's 50 degrees :)

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njgramma said...

Doris, your daughter is incredible! What a great role model she is for other young women!
Please stop by my blog... there is something there I would like to give you :)