Monday, December 6, 2010

Memories of St. Nicholas

Today is St. Nicholas day and when my daughters were growing up, it was a special day for them.  They belonged to a Ukrainian childrens group and every year they put on a little program which ended with all the children singing a special song that asked St. Nicholas to come and leave them small treats.

This picture is from 1993 and was very special because their Uncle made an appearance as St. Nicholas that year (and they didn't recognize him).  He asked the children if they've been good and helped their Mama and Tato's then gave them a small present.  They couldn't have been more excited if the real Santa Claus was there!  It's one family tradition that we remember fondly and can't wait to share it with their children some day.  Another is hiding the Christmas pickle ornament on the Christmas tree, and the person who found it first had bragging rights to that all year.  My daughter Amy already spotted it hidden in the tree last night :)  Maybe later I can get her to sing the St. Nicholas song...

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