Monday, July 18, 2011

What do you do with all your projects?

Hello blogland! This morning I went into my craft room to start playing with my new stamps from Stampers Best, but first I had to clean off my desk, put away the cards I finished last week, take a few pictures.  When I make cards and they come out really well, many times I'll make two or three of them.  One will go right into the box for Operation Write Home (as long as it meets their requirements of A2 size and no glitter), and one will go into my box for when ever I need a card.  But really, how many cards do I need?  I thought maybe it's time to open up that Etsy shop again.  I enjoy sharing my cards and I did pretty well with my shop, but this time I decided to try Art Fire.  I don't want my cards to just sit in a box, I want someone to enjoy them, and since I've got pictures of most of them, the process is going pretty quickly.

So that got me thinking - what does everyone do with all their cards?  I'm getting a headstart on my holiday cards, and I always keep a big stash of birthday cards (remember June), but most of us don't craft to become rich.  We'd go broke buying all the supplies!  Well, let's see how this works out :)


Anonymous said...

Your cards are beautiful...hope this goes well for you. Pat K.

Aliza said...

For a year or so, I focused a lot on card making, selling on etsy, and selling at craft fairs. But then I decided to focus on scrapbooking for a while, so my card supply is dwindling.