Monday, January 10, 2011

More clean and purge and clear stamp storage

Hello blog land and happy Monday!  My head cold has finally left me (but currently visiting my daughter) so I had big plans for some card making today.  Then I moved something from here to there, went to put something in a different spot and before you know it, I had 2 bags of stuff that I don't remember aquiring, didn't know why I had it and was pretty sure I would never use, so out it went.  Two hours later I still hadn't started making that card, but I was quite pleased with myself.  I gained a nice chunk of space and found some really pretty paper - have I told you I've got a thing for paper?  I also finished adding some clear stamps into CD cases.  It makes it so easy to keep track of what stamps I have when I'm looking for just the right one.

I store them in this repurposed CD storage cube - lots of room in there!  I have a notebook that I stamp samples of what's in each case and number each case.  Easy peasy!  Maybe tomorrow I'll get to that card :)

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